The Under The Bucket Master Class

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best hockey player on the planet or the newbie trying to figure out how to take a one-timer without falling, the Under The Bucket Master Class has all the tools you need now, to not be left behind by your competition!

What is a “Bucket”? What is “Under The Bucket”?

Let’s me just break this down a little bit! Our “Bucket” in good old hockey slang refers to your helmet. But it’s what’s Under The Bucket that counts. “Under The Bucket” is your brain! The brain is the most powerful tool you have and it controls everything you do in life. It controls your happiness, your movements and your resilience. If your brain is not primed and working in the direction you want to go, well let’s just say, you’re not going to be getting anywhere, or, you’re not going to be reaching your max potential.

Hockey, the best game on the planet, is also one of the most challenging and taxing sports in the world. You have to think fast, you have to react fast, you have to recover fast! You make mistakes, you get beaten and bruised, and the feeling of losing stings like no other. Hockey on the other hand is so rewarding! That feeling you get when you score a goal, make a nice pass, make a big save and celebrate with your team keeps you wanting more!

The Under The Bucket Master Class is designed to help you with the challenging parts of hockey so you can spend way more time enjoying the rewards of hockey.

What you will learn?

How to build confidence and self-awareness

How to overcome anxiety and get your nerves in check

How to regenerate and recover so you feel your best every game

How to get over mistakes and not be frustrated for the rest of the game

How to utilize your strengths

How to become happier and more positive

How to better and/or learn new skills

How to control your thoughts

How to prepare on game day

How to handle stressful situations

How to control your attitude

How to be mentally tough and resilient

How to set and crush your goals

How to rewire your brain to be your best for every practice and game

The Under The Bucket Mission

To quickly take charge of your brain and become the best, most resilient, mentally tough hockey player without breaking your bank account!

The Under The Bucket Master Class is a 6-week course consisting of 6 video modules and 30 plus interventions and techniques that will give you all the tools you need to be a complete, resilient, happy and confident hockey player. Every module takes a week to master so you have time to really hammer the new skills into your brain.


Module 1
Intro to mental coaching and guided imagery! How to utilize and get in touch with your inner strengths and build confidence.

Module 2
Confidence, self-talk and mindset! How to treat yourself and change your thoughts to have the best mindset possible!

Module 3
Goal setting! How to set goals and crush them! How to perfect a movement or skill and easily master new ones.

Module 4
How to handle and deal with stress and external criticism! How to quickly get over mistakes!

Module 5
Regeneration and Recovery! How to control your mind from negative, ruminating thoughts!

Module 6
The perfect game day routine! How to use your mind and memory to be prepared and focused for every game!

An included bonus from this course is that you will not only be a better, more resilient, all-around hockey player, but you will also be living a much happier life filled with purpose and passion and all the techniques you learn can be transferred to every aspect of life. Let’s face it, hockey can take up a huge part of our lives and we need to be feeling good both at the rink and in the real world!

So, instead of being stuck on a melting pond, I encourage you to take this course to rewire what’s under your bucket so you can be a stride ahead of your competition.

Get access to the master class for only US$269!

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