Individual Coaching

Hockey players want to have answers right away. They want feedback to better their games. They want coaching to make sure they’re doing things properly, not only for themselves, but for the better of the team. They want to know how to protect the puck like Crosby, or skate like McDavid. They want to know how to sleep good and feel fresh and alive the next day after a hard game. They want to know how to handle the game day jitters. They want to know how to bounce back after turning the puck over for a goal against early in a game.

Having a hands-on approach with dialogue is a great way to fix or alter an issue so you can get back to consistently dominating the ice sheet!

What can you get out of a 1 on 1 video coaching call?

Techniques to get over mistakes

Techniques to better your skillset

Techniques to deal with panic, anxiety and depression

Techniques to regenerate, recover and sleep better

Techniques to feel happy and confident

Techniques to prepare for game day

Techniques to make you feel resilient

An individual coaching call is great when you want to get straight to the point. Maybe your game is good but a few quick tweaks will make it great. Or maybe it’s a more serious matter like depression, anxiety, panic or suicidal thoughts that need the proper attention right away.

All individual coaching calls are 60 minutes, completely confidential and the goal is to give the player the exact information they need so they can hit the ice flying! The price for a call is US$69.00.

With 11 years of personally playing around the world at the professional level and coaching hockey for the past 6 years I can quickly relate to the hockey player mindset, lingo and mentality. Any questions or concerns are not off limits and I will do my best to help you in any way possible!