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About Me

My name is Chris Heid and I am a retired Canadian professional hockey player, and now, professional hockey coach in Germany. I also have a University degree in Mental Coaching from the University of Salzburg in Austria. The past couple of years I have focused my Mental Coaching mostly with athletes to help them improve their mental ability for sport. I however, at the same time, started working with many people outside of the sporting world with great success. What I realized is I had the same personal feeling of happiness to see anyone get better in their life and I couldn’t just limit myself to just athletes as everyone deserves to thrive!

With all the uncertainty and panic that is taking place in the world, the mental health of society has become a massive problem. People have lost their jobs, they have been consumed with fear, they’ve dealt with anxiety, depression, sleepless nights and the worst stat is the amount of suicides that have happened in this past calendar year.

We all deserve to Thrive!

We all deserve to be Happy!

We all deserve to be Resilient!

We all deserve to be Confident

We all deserve to reach our Max Potential!

To make positive changes, you cannot look anywhere else but inward. Only you, can truly change the outcome of your journey called life. But you have to be willing to put in the work! 

I currently reside in Regensburg, Germany with my wonderful family!

Scientific-Based Approach

Whatever we think or tell ourselves, our brains will think that is the correct way. Over time, bad habits, doubt and negative self-talk become normal for the brain which can lead to various mental problems.

In order to achieve happiness, success and max performance, we need ways to adjust our focus with various interventions and coping mechanisms to shift the mind in the right, best functioning direction.

Conquer Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Find Your

Better Your
Overall Mindset

Be Fearless & Happy
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Please reach out!

My goal is to serve as an open ear and offer guidance to anyone wanting to improve their mental game.