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This is Ariel from Slippery Rock Univeristy. Shes plays attack for the team and is damn good at it too. Ariel was the 3rd leading scorer on her team with 25 gs and 7 apples (better than my stats) and straight shit on teams in just her freshmen year. Shes a good team player and loves to make a difference with her ability to score. Ariel is a strong player an is not someone you would wanna frigg with on the field, cuz she’ll light your ass up and not think twice.

Off the field Ariel is kind of an artsy fartsy girl. She works at a pottery studio and enjoys painting and scrapbooking (typical chick stuff). But shes got a kickass side to her aswell. When shes not making masterpieces, Ariel likes to four wheel, play field hockey and coach high school lax. Also her favorite movie is Tommy Boy which is pretty awesome. Ariel is a sick lax player with the artistic abilities of Picasso making her our third Laxette if the week.

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