Laxette of the Week (10.11.10)

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This lovely lady is Maria from The University of Northern Colorado. Maria has played lax since the 7th grade playing both d-wing and a-wing, meaning she’s an all around great laxette. This chick loves lacrosse because she likes the adrenaline rush and the aggressiveness that comes with owning up and down the field, basically she’s tough. Also she is kind of a genius because her major is biology with an emphasis in evolution and ecology, anyone that knows what that is please let me know. Being a hardcore college girl she likes to sleep a lot, workout and be crafty and make some jewelry on the side. Maria’s favorite movie is Stepbrothers (big points) and She’s the Man (minus a few). And if you’re lucky enough to see it, she has a pretty cool tattoo running down her entire back. Although she’s not as invincible as you may think because she did lose in a fight with a swing set and ended up breaking her arm. But all around, she owns on the lax field and maintains being a pretty legit laxette.

And that kicks off the return of Laxette of the Week. Lets make smooth sailing from here on out aka make my life easy by finding laxettes for me. If you do just hit me up at

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